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[A135] Bill Gates' Complete Scripted Masonic Pandemic Simulation: The Big One

Bill Gates' 
Complete Scripted 
Masonic Pandemic Simulation: The Big One

Gates taking over where Rockefeller left off, The Great Culling Population Control: "The Big One" Pandemic Simulation held in New York on October 2019.

If You Know of Anyone That Has Contracted the COVID-19, Ask Them If They Have Rhesus Factor Positive Blood & their age?

• Coronavirus Disease = 211 (Jewish Ordinal) 211 (ALW Kabbalah) 

 • Donald Trump WWIII = 211 (Jewish Ordinal) 211 (ALW Kabbalah)

COVID-19 is a "Global Currency Reset" TRIGGER.

Why would a computer software programmer be the front-man for ensuring third world brown countries get vaccines? Well, take a look at his name gematria, it will answer the question. He's a "Born-To-Be" Masonic stoolpusher, plus his company Microsoft coded the 1990-91 Windows Font "Wingdings" that embedded a tribute to his Masonic boss with a 9/11 Easter egg tribute "Q33NYC".

Bill Gates is the same guy who intentionally installed a "_NSAKEY" a NSA backdoor computer virus on factory MS-DOS software, a variable name discovered in an operating system from Microsoft in 1999. The variable contained a 1024-bit public key; such keys are used in cryptography for encryption and authentication. Due to the name it was speculated that the key was owned by the United States National Security Agency (the NSA) which would allow the intelligence agency to subvert any Windows user's security. Microsoft denied the speculation and said that the key's name came from the NSA being the technical review authority for U.S. cryptography export controls.

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