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[A034] Targeted Individual? Your New Neighbor's A Masonic Gang Stalking Hillbilly!

Targeted Individual? 

Your New Neighbor's A Masonic Gang Stalking Hillbilly!

O- found in all races. It's actually Rhesus Factor Negative that makes you a target. If you're lucky enough, you might find a copy of medial reference books published by the Rockefeller Institute that covers the real work of Karl Landsteiner (an Austrian biologist, physician, and immunologist) & Alexander S. Wiener (a forensic medicine, serology, and immunologist) and their alterations of the human blood, thus the Rh factor in 1937 making a non-thinking, corruptible "slave race". Rh+ blood types did not hit the radar until people were forced to have their children at a "Rockefeller Medical" Hospital (meaning all hospitals in the USA). This all took place when midwives stopped delivering at homes. This is ALL BY DESIGN..., and just like everything, it's a time drip operation. A Judeo-Masonic underground mafia following Rothschild Judaism's Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Julianne McKinney on Microwave, Ultrasound, Electric Harassment and Mind Control. Are you a Targeted Individual? Chances are you have a NEW Neighbor. That NEW Neighbor is probably the culprit perpetrator from you town's local Masonic Lodge working their way up the criminal ladder. If you're a "TI" aka: "Targeted Individual" you should know who's doing it to you. The equipment they use is supplied by the U.S. "Military Intelligence" = 322, provided to the your local Masonic "Police" = 33 Department and issued to the NEW Masonic Hillbilly Neighbor..., the low ranking Masonic Hillbilly carrying out your "slow kill" microwave electronic harassment. PERIOD!

The United States legal system is a total criminal fraud, Admiralty Law. So if you're being targeted, contact for submitting a notarized affidavit of your harassment events, dates, times, names and any additional facts you may have collected. For more details, visit Dr. Katherine Horton's website for details. She has recently filed global case in the U.K. Crown Court from targeted individuals across the "Crown Colonies" of the planet. The court system from which YOU & YOUR FAMILY are OWNED. This is a start which will document your harassment targeting and implicate you perpetrators that will be on the PUBLIC RECORD.

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